Call me a madwoman or artist, at least I’m not boring.

Art is the very core of my being. I feel deviously accomplished and proud in my ability to shape, transform, and manipulate images, colors, and sounds. I can capture a moment that would be otherwise forgotten, and romanticize its memory to present it in film. I can take a mush like compound and form it with my hands until it takes shape to become an imperfectly perfect representation of an idea. I mindlessly let my hand dance with a paintbrush across the canvas to reveal the story of a girl and her love to create. I let passion, regret, and apathy out in a whisper as I scratch lead into lyrics and limericks.

I am an artist; a god amongst men. I create. I create worlds and images that would be otherwise unseen if not for my imagination. I say all of this with great hesitation. I am a woman of God, and thus find the discomfort of being a creator in the shadow of THE Creator. Not because I have any desire to try to out-do God. I simply feel rather worrisome that He looks down upon humans creating worlds outside of His world, that it comes off as us being ungrateful and even a bit rebellious. All the same while I grew up in a home of abuse and emotional neglect which caused me to pray to God, as a young girl, to turn me into a cartoon so that I could escape the evil clutches of a broken home. So I also feel as though my ability to create is a gift and one that I should cherish and share with the world.

I want to share all my gifts and thoughts with the world and put on a cape and go save the world from itself. I sometimes cry in an effort to mourn humanity when I think about how many people will be going to bed- or dirt floor hungry every night because nobody should ever have to go to sleep hungry. And while those people are going to bed hungry there are people rich enough to buy their own island. It makes me wish that I was rich enough to buy an island because if I were I wouldn’t buy the island, I would help feed a nation. I recently wrote a list of goals I would like to achieve in my life that included ending homelessness and bullies and judging others for their differences. I also want to get marijuana legalized because while I don’t tolerate abuse of a substance, it is a natural God-given herb with many healing properties.

I can fall in love with the sound of a voice- literally the sound of the voice itself. Such voices include: Rob Lynn, Jason Statham, Kenneth Pattengale, Joey Ryan,  and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. (oh yeah, remember him?) As you see, I mean quite literally a voice itself- not just singing, although usually, it is.

I am fully convinced that one day, I will find a unicorn and fairy. But hopefully not a leprechaun because those things creep me out. My greatest fears include snakes and werewolves. I am also terrified of not only flying, but the planes themselves as they are massive machines that fly. I’m not sure I’m ok with that.

I’ve always wanted a pet rabbit. As a little girl I used to chase the cotton tails around the wooded country side where I lived with a salt shaker in hand. I was under the impression that if could get the salt on their tail, the tail would fall off and the rabbit would be mine forever. The tails never fell off, which lead me to believe my grandfather had lied to me about how to catch a rabbit.

If there is a window in the bathroom that lacks what I feel is thorough coverings, I will not turn the light on at night for any other reason than to wash my face. I hate politics but can’t not have an opinion about them. I love spaghetti, but if the sauce is any other than my own I have a hard time eating it. I can’t bite into chunks of onion or garlic without becoming sick. Good coffee helps me sleep.



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