Wow, my old homework is popular.

I’ll be honest- every time I see that I have a new view on something I’ve posted on the internet, I’m both surprised and flattered. Every hundred views  gets an enthusiastic, pitter-patter, sideface clap.

That being said, I would like to thank the almost 300 people who have looked at my homework.

I made a video for Intro to Psych. I was doing a behaviorist piece and it required meticulous brainstorming to come up with the idea because I am not an average student.

It was mentioned that we could do a survey, and before I knew what was happening I was at home attacking the keyboard with my survey questions. I tried to clear my mind and just do what I do best. I typed out a plain looking survey with typical opinion of the surveyor questions.

During the following psych class I asked my prof if I could pass out my survey. He looked surprised that someone had already started work their project. It wasn’t due until several weeks away. I didn’t care. I was on a mission, and even I didn’t know what it was yet.

I nervously introduced myself to the class and explained my survey. It was completely anonymous. I’m pretty confident when talking to a room of people under normal conditions. I suppose I was nervous due to a combined effort of escaping recluse-ism, and worrying I would give away that what I told  them I was looking for had almost nothing to do with what I was actually aiming for.

The following week I passed out a second survey. Unlike the first,I asked for names. If I were looking for differences in opinions it would have been too obvious. Yet, they thought that’s what it was.

I passed out the survey a third time, only I had doodled all over the page with crayon and made copies. It was shorter, and asked more about how they felt taking the survey. It was also completely anonymous. When I collected the survey I noticed someone else’s doodles on the page. I let out a witch cackle of a laugh and exclaimed “Whoever drew this, I love you.”

I spent days looking over the various surveys. I studied them; memorized them. It wasn’t until after I had started putting basic information of behaviorists into the video that I realized what information I needed to include from my work. I had received a confirmation that we, as humans, have a very monkey see= monkey do kind of attitude.


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