Dear Futurehusband, who&where ever you are.

I think of you sometimes in the random moments of the day. I’ll find myself with an idea that makes me come alive and wonder if you’re doing the same. I will look at the evening sun sparkling through the window and think of how someday, you will want to take a picture of me in that light. I know I’ll want to take them of you.

I sometimes wonder if I’ve seen you in a passing glimpse as I navigate the world. Have you seen me? Have our eyes locked, if only for a second? I get excited about the moment when our eyes lock for the first time after realizing who we are to one another.

What will we be doing when we meet? I’m a peculiar sort of creature, and you probably are too. With that it’s safe to assume our story will be memorable. It will come with all the ruffles of being in the right place in the right time. It will be wrapped in vintage lace against brown card stock. It will be the kind of story that when told, it states: Written by God.

I decided a long time ago that, to muffle my impatience in finding you, I would write to you. I only have a few official notes of mention. The rest have been left like post-its around the internet. Be it a status or a tweet- I think of you and how you may want to read through them because you want to know everything about me.

In my dreams, without knowing you, you’re nothing more than a faceless figure. Yet in the same dreams, I can feel you hold me. I wonder, if we have passed one another in life, would you then have a face in my dreams?

I often sit in a room lit with a soft glow, wearing my fedora and listening to Jazz. I sometimes smoke a cigar while doing so. There are moments where I get lost in the melodies and forget that you’re not there beside me. When I close my eyes I’m taken to the smokey wonder of a 1950s Jazz Club. You’re there, ever faceless, leading me in dance. I imagine us going to such clubs in real life, outside of fantasy, once we meet.

Futurehusband, I am so excited to meet you someday. You’re like a favorite song echoing through my ears saying “someday will be our future.” I will continue to write to you- whoever and wherever you are, in hopes of aiding our search for one another.


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