Random Thought: I have a theory about my weight gain.

My theory is this: Say I eat only clementines and carrots for the majority of the day for three days. Throw in a couple 100% natural honey peanut butter and blackberry preserves sanwhiches, servings of chocolate, and half a can of pringles for the same three day span. The clementines and the carrots are the meal, while everything else is sparse snacking. Sounds pretty good right? Girl could lose a pound or two.


Therefore, it would seem that whatever is causing all the pooping I do, has decided it would like to rudely decline my fresh fruit and vegetable offering. It would also like to show protest by sucking every last bit of fatening potential from the rest of the food mentioned and stick it straight to my thighs.

Lastly, it would seem as though no matter how many fruits and vegetables I shove down my gullet, I am going to remain at risk for obesity if I eat anything else at all.


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