A question I’ve been getting asked a lot recently:


“What’s with all the activism?”

Several people in a week’s time have inquired. Every time I’m asked, my internal response attacks with, “What’s with the lack?”

Granted, I’ve just recently started getting serious about it. But honestly- how are people ignoring what’s going on in the world? There are more slaves today than at any point in recorded history. Most of them are sex slaves kidnapped or sold from their own families.

The American economy(the country that the majority of the world looked to and feared at one point!) is failing. This is not a small recession, folks. The government is cutting spending for schools and first responders instead of taxing the rich. A country that caters to the rich and abandons it’s people is one that can not stand.

When I started at the college in my hometown I was upset to be there. At the time I desperately wanted to attend art school, but surprise- I couldn’t afford it even with student loans. Despite the despair I had previously felt, I am glad to have ended up where I did.

I was able to explore my passion for psychology and had my eyes opened in classes for human services. I had been living in almost complete isolation for a few years. When I started searching information for reports and found out what was going on in the world today I was appalled.

I suffered a very serious shoulder re-injury one night after class and ended up not going back. I had intended to, but the depression of losing mobility in my arm again with no source of medical care was catastrophic in my ability to function. I wanted to die. I was miserable.

Somehow through the media outlet of social networking sites I started stumbling upon domino after domino of articles, websites, and future protests. They fell in my brain in rapid motion before toppling me to a conclusion. This is it. This is what I’m meant to do. It seems somehow, when I thought my future was gone- destiny called me.

So, my plan is this- give EVERYTHING I own in this world (that can be useful) to the people occupying wall street. Then, in a week from now I will be moving to Freedom Plaza for the remainder of the revolution.

Why give up everything I own? Because either something changes or I die from lack of access to health care.

With the injuries I have, I pray to God the police don’t attack me.


2 thoughts on “A question I’ve been getting asked a lot recently:

  1. I wish you the best. And thank you so much for standing up for your beliefs. It is, sadly, still a rare trait in this country. I plan on traveling to several of the occupy sites on the way to NYC. When I get there, hopefully we meet at some point.

    United, We Stand

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