Dear Future Husband, you should watch black & white movies with me.

I took a break from playing songs and tweeting about the revolution today. I flipped it to the AMC/TMC section of the guide. I pretty much always forgo titles for dates in my selection. At least, when I’m by myself and don’t need flashes of gore and drunk people to numb my mind, I do.

Something about it reminds me of being a child. Obviously the movies were already considered “old” at that age. I’ve only just recently started watching the movies that were fairly new as I was growing up. I was too busy watching the movies from my grandparent’s generation.

At a very young age, I learned what suffering was. So I did what most kids do- daydream. I saw the world as a cartoon or being black and white… which made it kind of hard to fit in. Kids mimic what they see and hear. I had an odd sort of vocabulary and dramatic nature about me.

How many third graders in the early 90s do you remember proclaiming; “I will not be accused of such a thing!”  ? I have no idea why I didn’t fit in.

In tenth grade english we did a small classroom play of “Twelve Angry Men.” I had already seen the movie. Same thing when we read “A Farewell to Arms.” I actually completely love that movie.

I don’t remember the names of most of the movies I watch. I haven’t needed to because I had no one to discuss them with. I want to talk about them. I want to quote them in conversation and someone know what I’m talking about. I hope I have that with you.

I hope we can spend evenings in the fall drinking pumpkin spice coffee in our sweaters on the couch watching movies like “George Washington Slept Here’ while you poke fun at the resemblance of Connie and I’s clumsy ways. I hope we watch them during the chill of winter while the fireplace warms us.

I hope that you’ll enjoy watching movies of the past with me, that we will share quotes in conversation usually left for mainstream media. Because sometimes, it’s ok to live in the romance of the past.

So future husband, whoever and wherever you are, what do you say?


Old picture from when I was healthy.


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