Dear Judge William Adams (and all abusive parents for that matter)

I would like to take you on a step-by-step walk through the “discipline” you administer, and let you know what is is exactly you’re teaching your daughter as you “give her a spankin.” I want you- the parent, to know every way in which you harm the growth of your child (the one you’re supposed to nourish.)

And seeing as how my father also beat the innocence out of me, I think I have great authority on the matter.

First you start out by asking your daughter if she did something she wasn’t supposed to do. (According to your oppressive law.) She replies “yeah.” She does not lie. She tells the truth.

Your instant reply to her telling you the truth is “Ok, go get my belt.” Do you know what you’ve taught your child by doing this, Abusive Parent? You’ve taught your child that it is better to lie than to tell the truth because the truth ends with being beaten. No rewards for honesty, and yet you’re probably (based on my own experience…and also because, uh, you’re a JUDGE) the kind of person to complain about how kids these days do nothing but lie.

Gee, I wonder why? “I’m a child and I’ve made a mistake, but if I own up to it I’m probably going to be viciously beaten and emotionally abused. I should just lie instead.”

Secondly- you’re telling someone else to go get your belt. This says that you have a very misconstrued view of the world wherein you are God-like. You rule by fear. You command those around you because those around you are peons in your eyes. Congratulations! This alone is teaching your child to be ruled by fear in the presence of anyone wanting to show their dominance. (But, more on that later.)

“Go get the big one. I’m going to spank her now.” Again, ruling by fear.

Also- this shows another misconstrued notion in which it is painfully obvious you’re delusional. A “spank” is a flat handed quick smack to the bottom. You don’t spank with a belt. YOU BEAT PEOPLE WITH A BELT. Don’t try to minimize your wrong-doings. This is setting your child up for a life full of anxiety at the slightest hint of future disciplinary actions such as in school or work.”Come to my office” becomes “Please don’t bash my head into the corner of your desk because I was late.” Or vomiting and shaking in fear because they don’t know what horrors await them anymore at such a minimally sounding “disciplinary” action.

Next the light is turned on (I’m guessing because you want to get a good look at the fear in your child’s eyes. Am I right? My dad’s eyes always started glimmering and he would smile ever so slightly if I showed fear, so I think I’m right on this.) and your abused wife (again, speculation from experience) turns her victimization on your daughter and begins the emotional abuse of the abused.

Your wife is terrified of you. Her fear of you and the lack of justice (that thing you swore to uphold, Judge) has led her to abuse your child as well. It doesn’t seem like abuse at first. It seems as though she’s being reasonable.

WRONG. She’s allowing the abuse to happen. Instead of telling you to stop what you’re doing she is turning blame onto your child. She is making your child carry the burden of her failure to defend herself. She is failing to defend her child. She is teaching your child apathy. She’s failing to teach your child that a mother should defend their child by any means necessary. She knows what you’re doing is wrong, but her fear of you and your abuse has led her to put the weight of the burden on the shoulders of your child.

Oh, then your child apologizes. Does this have any effect on you? No! Of course not! You’re the almighty ruler and you have a point to make!  You’ve taught your child that apologies mean nothing, because they’re still going to have the snot beat out of them no matter what!

You tell your wife to take the smaller child out of the room. Of course you would. You don’t want them to learn the patterns of your deceit. You want them to remain naive to the fact that “spankin” really means a lot of cursing, emotional abuse, and of course- beatings with a leather belt which will now be referred to as a WHIP. (like what people used to rip flesh from the backs of slaves as “discipline”) A small part of you wants to protect the younger child’s innocence. Not for their well-being, but because you haven’t beaten their love for you from their heart yet. You’re almighty. You demand to be worshiped.

“Get over here.” (making demands of your victim)  Turn light off because the darker the surroundings during the beating the more fear you can invoke.

“Bend over that bed.” Wow, so where do I begin on how you destroy your child with this one?

You’re teaching your child to succumb, as a victim, to being threatened. You, as a FATHER are teaching your DAUGHTER (SON, CHILD, CHILDREN) to not fight back. This is especially important considering you are HER FATHER and as such you are a dominating male figure in her life.


She is spending her childhood- the most essential years of development to a human being- being told to BEND OVER and let a male force unwanted acts on her body. She’s told to just take it. Lashed out on even harder for fighting back. By her father, someone she should trust.

If your daughter is ever in a social situation when and someone she thinks she should be able to trust forces themselves on her it will be because you beat the natural urge to fight off an intruder from doing her bodily harmed.

Still feel proud of yourself? Let’s keep going… there’s still six and a half minutes of this torture you and your wife inflicted on your child. (But isn’t it amazing how much damage you can do to your child in just one minute?)

You whip your child in the legs while again telling them “Bend over the bed.” You whip them again. Then again, and again, and again. FIVE LASHES before you tell them to “Bend over the bed! Or I’m gonna keep beatin you on your legs.”

Here you actually acknowledge you’re beating your child. What’s worse is that you’re teaching your child that they should comply or the beating will become worse. (Rapist: “Shut your mouth! Or I’m going to make this worse for you.”)(Kidnapper: “Do what I say! Or I’ll kill you.”) Again- your insatiable desire to dominate those you deem as weaker than you is teaching your child that they should fear and succumb to attackers.

“Bend over the bed! Stand up! Stand up! Bend over the bed. Bend OVER  the FUCKIN bed! Do I make-“You trail off because you’ve become too busy giving lashes to your daughter (who has been screaming “Dad!” or “Stop!” this entire time while sobbing and squirming to get away from you as you pick her body up and throw it into the position you want it in on the bed) to finish your sentence.

But yes, you do make yourself clear. (See, I’ve been through this, I know exactly what you were going to say.) You make it very clear that you are so empowered by the fear your daughter has of you that you will throw her body like a rag doll to the bed. You’ve made it clear that you have no respect for your daughter or her body. You’ve made it very clear to her that her body is not her own if a dominating man wants to control her. You’ve made yourself very clear.

You give her three more lashes (totaling EIGHT) and one hits her across her side and back, and she brings her hands to her face in sobs as you stand before her in the stance of a predator to his victim. This stance says you’re proud of yourself. She’s completely powerless, and you are almighty.

She cries in shrills at the horror being forced upon her by her own father. You lash her again across the side (right about where her kidneys would be located- I hope she didn’t pee blood) and again across the side of her thigh.

A minute and half in and you have whipped your daughter TEN times. Then you caress your weapon. You caress it like a cowboy would his lasso. Your pride in the fear and pain you have inflicted in your crying child is abhorrently obvious. And you take a step towards to the door to make it look like you’re leaving.

But you don’t. You swoop in with blurring fast motion and grab your child- who is hunched over in fear, force her down on the bed, and scream “BEND OVER LIKE I SAID.”

“Dammit! Get up. Bend over the fuckin-” And then you get even more charming: “LAY DOWN OR I’LL SMACK YOU IN YOUR FUCKIN FACE! Roll over!”

You start mumbling, and over the sobs from your child and the THREE more lashes you give across her legs, your words become inaudible. After that you take a quick step back to admire your work. Then you lurch forward again and give yet another lash. You’ve lashed your daughter with the whip in your hand FOURTEEN TIMES at this point. But you don’t stop there.

You step back again and then lunge with a pointed finger to the face of your child. “She told you to take that fuckin thing off the computer?!” as you grab your daughter by the jaw and shove her backwards. You tower over her like a monster.

To her, you are a monster. You’re her father, the one man in this world she should be able to trust. Do you hear the things you’re saying to her? If the one man in the world she’s supposed to be able to trust is saying this, what is she to expect from the rest of them?

Then, your abused wife who has been listening in horror enters the room and says “Here.” She takes the whip from your hand and moves toward your daughter.

She points them same threatening finger at your daughter and places the blame of the situation on her. After all- this isn’t the first time this has happened. Your daughter knows that if she ever dare to make a mistake that threatens the power you hold over her… you’re going to react in this way. Since she should know better, it’s her own fault for setting you off in the eyes of your wife.

Granted yes, your wife is also terrified. She’s appalled by what you’re doing. So she thinks all she’s doing is putting on a show for you to try to fend you off from your battered, sobbing child. She’s wrong.

“YOU turn over…one time… You get over on your stomach and you let me spank you on the butt.” She says and is cut off by you trying to get the whip back from her. She has emasculated and angered you. She’s trying to defuse the situation and you are offended. To you this says she thinks you can’t handle the situation. You’re too delusional and drunk off of your power and smell of your daughter’s fear of you to see that she’s trying passively to stop you from your reign of terror. So you try to grab the whip, and she doesn’t let you.

That part she got right. But I didn’t see the part where she grabbed your daughter who had already suffered FOURTEEN LASHES and run out of that house and away from you. Instead she repeats herself, with her finger in your daughter’s face again and says “You turn over. I’m going to spank you on your butt. YOU TURN OVER LIKE A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD and TAKE IT! LIKE A GROWN WOMAN! Turn over!”

Your wife is also teaching your daughter that what grown women are supposed to do is take it when a man wants to abuse them, so as to not make it worse. She’s also telling your daughter that at just sixteen years old she is to act like a grown woman. Childhood robbed.

You’ve been circling your wife like a shark that smells blood in the water this entire time and you holler “She won’t!” You eagerly jump in to assist your wife in forcing your daughter’s body into the position you want again. “She’s disobeyed! Give it to me!” You try to get the whip from your wife again and she tells you no and then shouts at your daughter to turn over again. You’re giddy with excitement to have reinforcement and angry that your weapon is in the hand of another.

So you do the only thing you can logically think of doing. You say “I’m going to go get another belt” and storm toward the door.

Your wife continues to make demands of your daughter saying “Get on your butt now. All the way. Get on your stomach.” She then cocks herself back to get full power and there is the thundering clap of whip hitting body and the whimper of your daughter. “Thank you.” FIFTEEN TIMES. And she leaves the room.

It looks as though its over. 30 seconds pass with the only sound being the sobs of your daughter and a slam somewhere in the house. You give your daughter thirty seconds of peace and hope that the horror has ended. Then you come charging back into the room. How do define that as anything other than torture?

“I NEVER GOT MY LICK IN ON HER!” You declare as you come have your desire, the desire to be almighty and powerful fulfilled. Your daughter has suffered 15 lashes at this point. This stop being about any form of discipline a long time ago. Now you’re out to prove a point. She fought you and resisted your demands. Now you’re trying to get even with her for daring to resist you.

As a father, you’re teaching your daughter that any effort made to resist a man forcing himself on her in any way will be met with an even more horrific fury.

“GET ON YOUR FUCKING STOMACH ON THE BED! NOW! Get on the stomach or I’m gonna start beatin you again!” (You don’t even acknowledge her ownership of her stomach. You call it THE showing you think you can hold ownership of her body. Also, your plan is to keep beating her no matter what she does. This again is making her more susceptible to doing what any man says out of fear.)

Your wife calmly tells her to get on her stomach and you yell with murderous rage “GET ON IT!!!!” as you lash her with all your might for a sixteenth time and add “on your stomach I said” in a calmer voice because you have control again. (Again, how is this discipline?)

You and your wife crowd her yelling at her to get on her stomach and screaming profanities I’m not comfortable even quoting. You’ve closed her in between the bed and the wall so she can’t escape your fury. You’re treating her like a rabid dog to be put down and she screams in horror the whole time. Do I really need to repeat myself on what this sounds like again?

You whip her again while changing positions and admiring your work like an artist to a painting. Then you whip her again.

“I’M GOING TO BEAT YOU INTO SUBMISSION!”  I can hear the gritted teeth in this statement. Your scowl of anger at her for defying you. Are you proud of yourself yet? Not for the pain and fear you’re inflicting on others, but for your parenting skills? Are you proud of the father you’ve become?

“You wanna put some more computer games on?!” Oh, so that’s what this is about? Computer games. You make her suffer EIGHTEEN lashes because she played computer games? Doesn’t she have a form of Cerebral Palsy?

Your daughter with Cerebral Palsy deserves to be beaten with a whip EIGHTEEN times because she played computer games? You’re a JUDGE. What do you do to jaywalkers? Death penalty?

“You want some more?!?!” She screams in sobs NO! And again, you look like you’re going to walk out of the room.

But you’re not done are you? No, you turn around because you’re not done proving your point.

“Fuckin computer. Told you I didn’t even want one in the ******* house. See? All the problems they cause? ALL the fuckin problems they cause!”

And your wife starts chirping in and agreeing with you hoping it will get you to stop, but again she’s placing blame on your daughter for your actions. She’s setting your daughter up to follow in her footsteps of marrying an abusive man who says “Look what you made me do.” She’s enforcing a mentality on your daughter that she can be blamed for another’s wrong-doings, and she should accept it.

Then she says “I didn’t want her to take them any longer because I do think she’s too immature.” Funny, earlier in this horrid ordeal your wife told her to act like a grown woman and take the beating being enforced on her. Do I really need to point out how this is failing your child? Honestly?

Your wife continues to talk but you ignore her. Hands on your waist as you feel a sense of accomplishment, much like a happy couple who finally finished re-doing the bathroom, or a man who climbs a mountain. You swoop in on your daughter again.

You grab her head and shove it back so that you can look directly down into her eyes filled with fear. She gasps with the terror of what you’re going to do to her much like a scene in a movie just before somebody is murdered.

“Are you happy?!?! Huh?! Dis-obeying your family?!” At this point your other hand moves toward her rapidly and she shrills in pain and fear as you tilt her head back in an unnatural manner. You can hear her head hit the wall behind her.

“Is it fun to disobey your mom and dad?! Huh?!”

Then, you- a judge and a father who has beat his child with a whip EIGHTEEN times and screamed horrible things at her, make a statement that brings vomit to my mouth.

“You don’t fuckin deserve to be in this house!”  Congratulations! You’ve ripped all sense of self-worth from your child. If she’s so worthless, what’s to keep her from one day selling her body? Pumping lethal drugs into her body to numb the pain? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW WRONG WHAT YOU JUST SAID IS??????

Although, in one sense- you are right. She doesn’t deserve it. Not the way you mean it though. She doesn’t deserve to be treated as horribly as you treat her. She deserves to be in a house with a loving family that would cause her no harm physically or emotionally.

You do NOT deserve her. You are a failure as a father.

“Disobedient. What happened to you Hilary? Once you were obedient, nice little girl. NOW you lie, cheat, and steal.”

Again- this is discipline because she was playing a game on the computer?

“Puttin that fuckin game on. Man I ought a just keep beatin you! AND BEATIN YOU!!” AND YOU RAISE YOUR FIST AS IF TO PUNCH YOUR DAUGHTER IN THE FACE. TWICE.

What is wrong with you?! Seriously William Adams and all abusive parents- WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?

“That’s how upset I am.” (Too much lil buck? is that what you said? Do you really need to ask if what you did is too much?)

“Six months! Six fucking months! Got it?!?!” And you finally let her head go and stand up to tower over her again- feeling pride in what you’ve just done. You tower over her for a few seconds, long enough for her to cough. Did you choke her? Is that why she’s coughing?

Do you realize you’re such a monster that people are wondering if you choked your daughter, because it’s completely possible that you did?

Then you put your face directly into her face and start speaking in hushed threats that increase in volume.

“IF I HEAR SO MUCH AS you raise your fuckin voice one little bit to ME, or your mother, or the wrong tone? Or if you do one little- you LOOK AT ME FUCKIN WRONG!! I’m gonna take you in there AND WEAR YOUR FUCKIN ASS OUT WITH THIS BELT!!! You understand me?! That’s what it’s come to. Got it?! Are you happy?!”


“YOU CAUSED THIS!” Um, no she didn’t. You did. In psychological development this statement is Katrina.

Congratulations- you and people like you who say things like that are the reason victims are told it’s their fault. Got mugged? Your fault. Got stabbed? Your fault. Got raped? Your fault. Husband broke your neck? Your fault. Kid was kidnapped? Your fault.

Real men take the blame for their own vicious crimes.

“For your disFUCKINobedience. You know I’m not gonna put up with it, dontchu? Did you think I was foolin? Do you think I fooled around?”

And with that you get up and leave. And your wife starts again. She reinforces the abuse you just bestowed upon your daughter, and then tells her “Goodnight.”

And after six and a half minutes the horror finally ends. Are you still proud of yourself?

If eighteen lashes, threats, head bashed into the wall, possible choking, and emotional abuse are what a sixteen year old gets for playing video games on the computer… what punishment do the abusive parents deserve?






25 thoughts on “Dear Judge William Adams (and all abusive parents for that matter)

  1. Those people are monsters. They are terrorizing that child. She doesn’t deserve what they did to her. Judge Adams is a coward. He wouldn’t stand up to a man like that he knows he’d get his butt beat. My hope would be he is sent to prison and another inmate does to hom what he did to his daughter. His wife needs to be in prison also. She is just as horrible for not protecting her daughter. I would give my life for my children before I let ANYONE harm them. There’s a special place in Hell for people like them. Please tell me he was removed from the bench? He should not be in a position to judge anybody. One criminal can not judge another.

    • I have no idea of he was removed or not, but it seems very likely he will be if not already. I was worried msm would ignore the video like they do so many other cases, but it was on the front page of Yahoo today. I agree with you in that I do think there is a special place in hell reserved for parents who harm their children (or anyone who harms a child for that matter) but it doesn’t give me any long term comfort, because it does nothing to put a stop to what continues to happen in this world. I’ll be writing more on this later. Thank you for reading and replying.

  2. Perfect. My dad was the same way. We just didn’t have a video camera. Thanks for speaking up for me and Hillary. I’m 58 years old and I *never* got over what my dad did. He was just like this guy.

    • This comment brought tears to my eyes. When I wrote this I knew I would be speaking for several abuse victims, but it escaped me that I would be speaking for those older than myself as well. I’m 24, and I haven’t gotten over what happened to me either. My dad was also a near mirrored image of this man as well. I’m really grateful you read replied. Please keep in touch.

      • i’m 34. though in my case, it was my stepfather – but that DOES NOT absolve my father. he discovered that i was being beaten when i was 12. i didn’t know this until i was 22. instead of confronting my mother in ANY meaningful fashion [my mother who, unlike the above mentioned mother in this video, didn’t know i was being beat. she didn’t WANT to know. she’s not innocent, either.] he just “insisted” that there be family counseling that included my stepfather.
        he wen to ONE session. and my father never spoke up again. when he told me that he knew about the beatings [if not the other stuff] i asked him WHY he left me there. and the answer was simple – his wife. she was incredibly jealous of me and my sister, and he didn’t want to live in an uncomfortable enviroment. he didn’t want there to be any fighting. he didn’t want to DEAL with us living together.

        parents can fail in so many ways – and in truth, parents are only human. but i STILL think that my father ignoring it was as bad as my stepfather doing it.

  3. Wow! I could not have put it any better. I cried while watching the video. How the horror of those years came racing back. I too grew up in a dysfunctional home where dear ole mom hid behind her book in her bedroom while I got the snot beat out of me. Then when we were all supposedly sleeping dear ole daddy came a visiting. These two pieces of trash should pay by going to jail. There is no way to enlighten them. They are sick and the other inmates will deal out their own punishment. Even better that the sicko is a judge. Gosh how inmates just love judges! I feel so sorry for the young lady. One hell of a way to grow up.

    • This comment also brought tears to my eyes. It struck a nerve of some repressed memories I have that have been resurfacing in bits and pieces lately, but I still don’t know what happened. Thank you for sharing, esp something that can’t be easy to bring up and bring acknowledgment to in this world where child abuse has become “dirty laundry.” I would like for you to keep in touch as well, if you would.

  4. NinaNerdFace, you get it. Your dissection of this video is spot on. Sadly, it’s because you’ve seen abuse firsthand, I suspect. But I pat you on the back for the courage to face the dirty little secret head on and write so passionately to the abuser. This letter can (and I suspect will) heal the pain others have felt under similar situation, and have not had the courage to voice your words. I thank you, for speaking out.

    • Thank you so much. I have seen it firsthand, and it was excruciating making it through the video… and having to replay scenes over and over again to write this. The only reason I was able to get through it was because I remembered it was Hilary who had set the camera up- and I was watching her fight off her father’s oppressive and abuse ways. I’m so proud of her for what she did. She’s opened the door in which child abuse used to hide behind.

  5. I watched the video this morning. All day long something I rarely do has remained just below the surface of my heart – tears. This was a battle of what seems to have become a war on kids and at 17 years of age when she made the video, Hillary Adams was still a kid. I re-watched the video about an hour ago with the express intent of counting the lashes. I counted *only* 17 but what’s a stripe or two when it comes to the outright terrorization of any human being?

    At least the people of Aransas don’t need to worry about who’s sitting their bench of justice in their *family* court. No doubt the Judge is going to become the ex-judge soon enough but still I don’t think it’s enough although Hillary maintains that she’s not out for revenge but would rather he seek help. I think this points to her own compassionate heart and, in some way,I feel her wishes should be respected. But only in some way.

    There’s this other part of me, the not so compassionate part, that would love to see this bastard persecuted to the ends of the earth for his cruelty. And no getting around it – it was cruelty. Domination. Terrorization. Brutality. Humiliation. I also feel that, no matter how victimized, Hillary’s mother should have summoned the ovaries to stand up for her child. Not in the cowardly way she did by taking the belt and adding one more deflective lick but by taking the belt and turning it on her brute of a husband. But the not so compassionate me tries to remember that no matter how much I think this bastard should be punished that it means I’m stooping to his level of brutality.

    I try to remember but sometimes it’s so hard to forget that the monsters walk among us.

    • I had that same flip flop of emotions- the rush of anger that said “He should be beaten to see how it feels,” and then the “I have to remember that he is also probably a victim of abuse from his own parents.” I’m going to be writing a lot more on the subject, and I hope you’ll continue to read on it when I do. I have a proposal to make of JWA, and all abusive parents- a call to arms to help end the cycle of abuse passed from generation to generation. I’m not surprised that Hilary wants him to seek help, and it only makes me more proud of her.

  6. This hurt. I couldn’t watch it and even caught myself skipping over some of your sentences because I couldn’t read it.

    This brought back so many bad memories that I am literally shaking as I type this.

    I hope that man goes to jail. That was disgusting, and I … I know it won’t solve anything, but I hope someone does that to him so he knows how that feels.

    • I felt the way you did when I started this. Try to remember that the memories are memories and they don’t have to control your life. Talking about it helps. Silence only multiplies pain. Please keep reading when I post on stuff like this and keep in touch. If you need to talk to someone about what happened you can talk to me, even though I’m just some stranger. The more those of us who have been through this reach out to one another the sooner the cycle will end and the healing will begin. Thank you for replying.

  7. Sadly, it’s doubtful the (dis)honorable judge will face any real justice at the hands of the law but it looks like he’s going to be drummed out of his duties as judge if the Aransas Co. justice system sticks to their guns. At least he’s been suspended from his duties for 2 weeks pending an investigation. Hope springs eternal.

    • He will have consequences for his actions in every day life, regardless of what the law does as punishment. The whole world now knows what he did, and they’re going to keep reminding him that they know and disprove. The laws are too loose and vague in regards to the well-being of children, which is something I would like to see change.

      • ninanerdface: Depending how barbaric the local community is, those consequences may well be positive. A lot of abusers are going to see his behavior in this video as commendable.

      • Unfortunately this is true in any vicious crime. Right now all we can do is hope that those who are supposed to fight for justice do so, and work on getting the laws changed so that hope turns to promise.

  8. I literally could not get through the video. It ran for about ten seconds and then I had to shut it off. Too much, too hard, too close to home.

    I sincerely hope that that little girl got the therapy that she needed, that she is an empowered woman today. I hope that her relationship with her Dad is one where she is in control.

    Please let this video go viral, let other abused children see it and know that they aren’t alone and that they can get help. Please let those kids know that Abuse ≠ Love.

  9. Thank you for this Nina!
    I could not watch this video because I knew it would be full of triggers for me. My own father was exactly like this man. He would beat us with a belt and say, almost verbatim the exact same words! I am 43 now, but when I was Hillary’s age, and pretty much my entoire life, I suffered beating like this regularly to the point where I was taken away by the state and put in a foster home. I was a good kid. I got straight A’s, I didn’t drink, do drugs or get into trouble. I never did anything to warrant the extreme beatings he delivered.

    To this day I believe he would have eventually beaten me to death had the authorities not intervened. It has taken decades of therapy, medication, meditation, and everything else I thought would help, to come to a place where I can stand up for myself and not get physically nauseous at the fear of a conflict, or even any kind attention from an authority figure. I wish I could get my dad to read your post and really GET what he did to me, how he pretty much destroyed my ability to have a functional life without some really hard work and lots and lots of love and support from other people. That I turned out as well as I did in spite of his abuse, not because of it.

  10. I actually cried while reading this. Yes, I watched the video, yes, it brought up ALOT of painful memories…… this horrid excuse for a human needs to be placed in the GENERAL POPULATION at the PRISON that he more than likely has sent numerous people. What comes around goes around! This entire act is so horrid that I can’t even begin to express what I am feeling. I PRAY that justice is served upon these people!

  11. He said she had downloaded games illegally but that DOES NOT justify his dispicable behavior. Her mother should have protected her no matter what. His messages to his daughter were right on. Instead of him volunteering to take a paid vacation, mom and dad both should be volunteering to take a public flogging on the courthouse lawn. Just saying…

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