It’s Not Dirty Laundry. It’s Child Abuse.

When I wrote the letter to the abusive judge, I had no idea it was going to have the effect it did. Several people found solace in my words, and opened up to me- they told me their stories. I want more people to feel safe sharing their stories.

The only way child abuse can end is if it comes out in the open. For far too long we have all been told not to talk about it. It’s too much information. No one wants to hear it. It’s dirty laundry.

It’s none of those things. It’s child abuse. It’s a growing epidemic, not only here in the states, but all over the world. In America a child dies every 5 hours to abuse. We have the worse record of child abuse in the entire industrialized world.

I want to put an end to it. I need all of you to help me. We all need to work together.

The first step is making the horrors of what happens behind closed doors a public matter. Silence NEVER helps the victim. It gives evil a safe hiding place in which it breeds.

The picture below links to a Tumblr page created with the purpose of giving victims and survivors a safe place to share their stories. Tell the world what happened to you: who abused you- family, friend, coach, teacher, priest, babysitter, juvenile detention center employee, etc? What happened to you? What issues do you still struggle with? How has your stolen childhood hindered you as an adult? Tell it all.

And you don’t have to tell it all at once. You can pick a specific incident at a time and submit them as you feel comfortable.

Please share the Tumblr page with everyone you know. Just because they haven’t told you they were abused- does not mean they haven’t been. You can also follow the Twitter page @NotDirtyLaundry for updates and info on great organizations who share the common goal of ending child abuse.

With love,

We can do this, together.


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