Why I need your money FAQs

Why should you give me money? Good question. I don’t like resorting to asking strangers on the internet for donations but I’m in a situation that leaves me little other option.

What’s my situation? Good question. The man I loved was using me until something new and better came along. Finding this out left me so heartbroken that I spent days crying and not being able to function. Since then he’s let me know how lazy I am. (I’m not, I stopped doing the jerks dishes for him because I wasn’t even eating and he‘s too self involved to notice.) He’s let me know I’m an idiot that can’t take care of myself. He’s let me know that this new girl in his life already means more to him than me. Oh, and he’s let me know that she expects to come over here knowing I live with him. That should be a fun time.

He said he won’t kick me out, but he also said he didn’t want other girls- he only wanted me. Oh, and after he told me she wants to come over- which created a huge fight between us- he decided he does want me out after all. And I can’t leave soon enough. (his words, but I happen to agree)

Oh, and the situation is so unhealthy that it makes me physically ill to the point that I have to leave my cats- that I love more than anything in the world… there are no words in my vocabulary to adequately describe the devastation this has on my heart.

Why do I live with him? Good question. When I told my parents about the Occupy movement and that I planned on going to DC I was kicked out because they didn’t support “me living homeless on the streets and eating out of soup kitchens.” Obviously they don’t exactly listen to me when I talk. Yeah, my parents are something else. Oh, and when I tried to give my car to a friend so she could get help getting it fixed for her and her son- my dad told her it wasn’t mine to give. It is. I have the title, in my name, but I’ve been threatened to be shot by my family before so I’m too damn scared to try to get it.

So, why Sacramento? Good question. I have a musician friend who lives there who’s agreed to let me sleep on his couch and cry on his shoulder for a few days. I’m leaving my cats. I’m going to be a sobbing mess for a bit. Also- he’s a musician, which means he can help me finally get my protest songs finished and recorded. I wrote several since the movement began- but I’m not the most talented, so I’ve been too nervous to try myself. Oh, and my friend has the most amazing male voice I’ve ever heard. And I would really like to know I have a destination when I leave- and a place to collect myself for a few days, to shake it off.

How is this going to help me start my Occupy journey? Good question. The plan is to start at Occupy Sacramento and make my way down California from there. Then the goal is to travel from Occupy to Occupy in the southern states this winter.  (I’m not in the best health- I can’t handle living outside in freezing temps.) From there I would like to make it back to Ohio to see my cats and friends in March, spend a few days, and then head back south.

As the temps continue to rise I want to head back north- spend a prolonged period at Occupy DC and OWS, but still visiting each Occupy location. After that I want to start heading back west, stopping in Ohio again to see my cats.

The major goal of my journey is to visit each Occupy site in America. If I get enough donations to make it to Alaska and Hawaii I would like to be able to visit them too. I have a few plans in mind of what I would like to accomplish, but outside of the plans to work with people to put an end to child abuse I’d rather not divulge that information. It’s a surprise and you’re all going to love it, I promise.

So please help me get the bus fare I need to make it to Sacramento- ASAP

Click my map to go to my donation page!


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