Dear Future Employer,

If I were to give you only the information required from traditional resumes, I wouldn’t stand a chance. Nothing positive stands out. I am therefore including this blog entry in my resume to let you know why I would make an excellent employee.

Since January 16, 2012 I have been co partnering a non-profit media entity known  as @PinkLadiesNews. You can follow us on Twitter.

While what we do may seem silly, I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge and skills that make an excellent employee.

We run entirely on donations which come in flows and droughts. We paid rent. We had to purchase supplies, such as batteries and badges, to expand. We have monthly bills. We have excessive travel costs. We have to eat. I learned to budget. I understand what a mistake could mean. I learned what I could have less of.

We upheld a moral code as our business model. We didn’t ask for more than what we needed. I learned what it means to earn the money I spend. I learned what it means to put in the work. I learned the difference between working for a paycheck and working to be the best that I can.

We had events we had made commitments to attend. We had to plan and schedule. I learned time management.

I’ve been called to events on days I didn’t feel like leaving bed. I learned the difference between being lazy and genuine inability to perform the required tasks. I stopped being lazy in my work.

We rely entirely on social networks and word of mouth for advertising. Our work ethic and dedication built our name.

We didn’t attend just to record what was happening, we went to understand what was happening. We spoke to all sides- protesters, police, mainstream media, residents, tourists, etc. I investigated claims. I had to pay attention to every detail. I had to compile information. I had to give reports.

I doubled as a  street medic. I have retrieved a severed finger and preserved it until paramedics arrived. I have treated a severe fracture/ laceration. I am good in emergency situations.

While my ability to read body language doesn’t stem from my experience as a citizen journalist, it was strengthened by it. I studied psychology in college and as a hobby. I can recognize and understand patterns in human behavior. I can spot a lie. I am successful in conflict resolution.

I grew up with a family that owned a construction company. It was run from home. I have been gaining business experience since I was born. I have studied small business management in college.

I am resourceful. I am creative. I am passionate. I am honest. I fight everyday to make the world a better place.

I would make an excellent employee under the proper qualifications.




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