The Dawn of a New Era

It’s been a few years since I’ve used this blog. I’ve kept meaning to, but ultimately I was too busy internalizing everything. Admittedly I struggled with pulling myself from the depths of depression (see what I did  there, anyone who remembers my old tagline?) for quite a long time. I finally won that battle.

I’m in this odd sort of point in my life where all these monumental things are happening- I finally have access to healthcare, I’m starting my own business, etc. Yet on the daily grind it doesn’t really seem like anything is different. But it is. But it doesn’t seem like it. But it is. But months or years from now this is the point in my life that I’ll be looking back on with happy memories of how it all changed. Well, now and Occupy, of course.

I’ve gone through and removed all the categories and tags from all my old posts. I’m not the same person I was when I started this blog, and I don’t feel like those should remain the same either. I’ve spent a great deal of time debating on deleting the posts altogether, but in the end- I wrote those posts for me. I won’t allow myself to feel guilty or weak for having written them.

The new categories I’ve chosen serve two purposes: to set both boundaries and goals for myself. I’ve gotten quite rusty in my written word outside of tweets- and even those are a bit gaudy at times. I’d like to work on my ability to get my stories out without having to draw them. I’ve been starting a romance with physics and I’d like to talk about that experience. I’d like to give birth to the opinions I have screaming through my head when I see tweets about the state of the world. And I’d like to start doing that in more than 140 characters at a time again.

I should probably add a category for cats. Cats-e-gory. Becau- oh, hell, never-mind.

The old posts of my blog remain unfiltered in the uncategorized category. There, if you choose to do so, can witness the stark contrast between my frame of mind then and now.

For the time being, these are all the thoughts I can muster past 3a.m. There will be some tweaking to my layout until I can master the look I’m aiming for. And lots more posts- especially after I get my new glasses this month. But for now, I’ll see you on the salty seas where memories become broken dreams.


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