I’ve been a bit overwhelmed.

The response I got from the letter I wrote to the abusive judge was really emotional. I kind of threw my phone down and hid from it for a day-type of emotional. (I try to avoid using the computer because it hurts my shoulder, so I just use my phone a lot.)

So, this is just a quick update.

I’m working on several new blogs about child abuse. This includes the plan that I have to actually put an end to it happening.

If I haven’t responded to your comments, never fret- I will. I will always do my best to respond to every comment I get- even if it’s severely delayed.

The Occupy Movement has had my full attention this past week with the horrendous raid in NYC, and with the Global Day of Action that took place yesterday. Yes, I will be blogging about that also.

I’m in a really rough place in my life right now and it’s hard for me to focus, so I can’t give a guarantee as to when new blogs will be out. However, I’m going to assign days of the weeks to certain topics. As you can see, Fri and Sun already have something assigned to them.

I’m thinking Occupy Monday and Child Abuse Weds.

I’m starting a webpage soon. Be on the look out for that, very soon. I want to get everyone involved.

When I told you to keep in touch, I meant it. I added my email to the side ~~> of my page so you can email me if you ever need to talk.



That’s it for the update- Sorry for the delays. Thanks for understanding.



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